The Top 5 Reasons Why Monthly Meal Planner Fails

Failing to plan is the number one. reason for failure. But if you already have your monthly meal planner in place then why are you not achieving the success you hoped for. Here are the top five reason why monthly meal planner fails are a hot topic:

1. You Aren’t Taking It Seriously

Deciding to use a meal planner is more than a decision, it’s a commitment.  It sounds perfect, and when done right it is an excellent lifestyle change to undergo. 

But it takes time and effort, which will seem far more daunting if you’re not dedicated to learning more now so you can do less later on. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult, but those meals aren’t going to plan themselves. 

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2. You Aren’t Using a Variety of Foods

Once we as humans get bored with something, we’re quick to consider throwing in the towel.  Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland though. 

Finding something new and fun can feel overwhelming, but don’t fret. 

There are many resources available to you, such as random food generators to help you find something that suits your unique dietary needs.

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3. You Don’t Have a Goal In Mind

Learning how to meal plan simply for the sake of doing so probably isn’t the best approach.  Before you sit down to create a monthly meal planner, know what you hope to get out of it. 

Are you a pragmatic thinker? 

Recognize that it’s practical and convenient because it will save you time and money in the long run. 

Do you have dietary restrictions and are struggling to find things you can eat? 

Meal planning can keep you from making the same simple dishes night after night without risking your health. 

Are you trying to lose weight but have a sweet tooth? 

Finding recipes to meal plan will give you dessert to look forward to that doesn’t contain addicting sugars and other harmful chemicals.

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4. You Think You’re Doing It Alone

Learning how to meal plan is something you’re doing for yourself, so at times it may feel like you’re on your own. 

There are many sites, blogs, and forums with insight and advice as you undergo your journey into meal planning, which make it seem less lonely. 

You’ll read stories from people who went through the same frustrations you might be experiencing and their experiences will offer advice to help you wade these waters.

5. You Think You Know Everything

This mindset is a surefire way to burn out early on because you’re not taking time to learn how to pace yourself.  You’re ready to get started and you’re confident you’re armed with all the knowledge you could possibly need. 

Even seasoned veterans of monthly meal planning are continuously discovering new things. 

Whether it’s recipes, ways to stay organized, or kitchen life hacks, there is still so much you have yet to learn.  Keeping an open mind is key. 

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