Keto Meal Prep Ideas To Make Keto Meal Planning Easy

When doing a keto diet it’s important to remember that your body is in a different state of metabolism.  This means things like ‘cheat days’ will affect you differently than they would if you were on another diet.  When exposed to glucose after going so long without having any, your body can respond poorly. 

However, there isn’t a lot of information available on what long term keto looks like either, so you should consider how sustainable a keto diet will be for you over a long period of time.

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When managed properly living a keto lifestyle doesn’t mean it is impossible or even unhealthy, quite the opposite.  Like with any major change that impacts long-term health, it’s important to discuss your plan with your doctor first. 

When you and your practitioner are on the same page you can work together to pinpoint a diet plan that’s best for your health needs, and they will be able to supervise in case you encounter any problems.

Knowing these and other risks only serves to further highlight the importance of learning how to meal plan properly. 

When meals need to be figured out at the last minute, we’re more likely to accidentally make something we shouldn’t eat because we’re pressed for time. 

Or we may feel rushed and stressed, so we decide to abandon the diet ‘just this once’ without considering the potential consequences.  Taking some time at the beginning of each week, or even month, and planning ahead will prevent that.

Keto meal prep is a little more ‘involved’ than meal prepping when not on a diet. 

Aside from macronutrients you need to ensure that what you include also contributes to hydration and that you aren’t neglecting any important vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin B-9 (folate), B-7 (biotin), selenium, choline, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, chromium, iodine, magnesium, and molybdenum are some of most common deficiencies someone can have if not careful when on the keto diet

Keeping these things in mind when figuring out how to meal plan on a keto diet will help you get all the minerals and vitamins (including all the Bs!) to prevent that and stay energized:

  • Colorful raw vegetables and leafy greens
  • Bone broth
  • Eggs
  • Pastured chicken
  • Pastured pork
  • Wild caught fish
  • Grass fed meat

In spite of its restrictions, the keto diet has room for variety and flexibility, something many other diets don’t offer. The list above may look small but there are hundreds of recipes that it encompasses. Take a look at any random food generator and you’ll find plenty of amazing recipes that you might not have even thought to try if you weren’t on a keto diet! Staying creative and open minded are just as important to coming up with great keto meal prep ideas as being informed about your health and health goals.

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