Inspiration You Need to Eat This Much

What is a healthy amount to eat? Knowing what to eat and how much of it you can eat is the cornerstone of every successful diet or weight loss program.  Even diets that say ‘Each as much as you want!’ have fine print somewhere at the bottom.  So exactly how much should we be eating in a day?

1. There are many different factors to consider.

The answer to that question isn’t going to be the same for everyone.  Things such as age, genetics, body composition, medications you take, and even where you live can influence how much you should consume

The fact that the media is often bombarding people with messages saying ‘If you eat this much, you’re doomed to an unhealthy, unhappy life and have no one to blame but yourself’. 

Maybe ‘should’ isn’t the right word to use here.

Exactly How Does Meal Planning Help You Achieve Your Health Goals?

2. Look at your needs instead.

Should you reach for an extra slice of pizza?  Probably not.  Do you need that extra slice?  Definitely not.  Should you eat a cup or two of raspberries in a day? 

That’s the recommended amount.  Do you need to eat a cup or two of raspberries a day? 

No, but they’re a healthy source of fiber and Vitamin C, and those are two things that you do need. 

When you consider the things that your body needs every day, you can look at foods high in those macros and micros and their recommended daily servings. 

That can give you a general idea of how much of a specific food you should have in a day, which can be helpful with understanding portion control.

3. Plan out your entire meal using a similar approach.

Some people like to work out the math themselves, while others use a meal planning service to calculate serving sizes, macros and micros, or calories. 

Both give you a way of working backwards to make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs. 

A meal planning template in particular will be conscientious of restrictions and weight loss goals, and give you some insight into which foods are ideal sources of particular nutrients.

Above all, pay attention to your body. It’s a lot more talk than you might imagine. Anytime you feel tired, sore, or irritable it’s telling you that there’s something you need to change. And there’s no better place to start than in the kitchen.

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