Beginner Keto Shopping List Inspiration You Need To Start

When you’re beginning the keto diet you’re probably looking forward to hearty steaks and juicy ground beef, right? Well you’re partially right, since the keto diet is often associated with meat-based dishes. But too much meat, or rather too much protein, can kick you out of ketosis.

You need a lot more variety in your diet if you want to find success with keto. Not sure where to start? That’s fine, we created this basic shopping list when starting keto diet for you.

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Eggs are already one of the healthiest, most versatile foods on the planet, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to put in your cart. Eggs can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks. Buying local, pastured eggs is also a great way to support your local farms too. Speaking of your local farms…

The Greens

They have some other products you’ll want to look into buying, namely the green ones.

And we don’t just mean spinach, arugula, cucumber, zucchini, and spinach. In order to keep your carbs as low as possible you should opt for green veggies whenever possible, as they generally have lower carbs than their brightly colored counterparts.

We’re looking at you, peppers and lettuce. Not only does shopping local help support local farmers, they also tend to be fresher and more nutritious as a result.


The keto diet is one free of milk and junk food, but you won’t have to completely sacrifice your sweet tooth.

Berries are much lower in carbs than other fruits, especially bananas and mango, so try having some handy for when you’re feeling peckish.

They’re also quite high in fiber so they’ll help you stay fuller longer, making them an anti-snacking snack food, if you will.


There’s more to sweet foods than processed sugars, as many keto desserts involve cream. It’s very high in fats and very low in carbs, so you’re still able to enjoy some of your favorite desserts and condiments, with a creamy keto twist.


No list is complete without avocado. Like cream it’s high fat, low carb, and the fats they contain are good for your heart. And like eggs it’s very versatile since it can be used to make dips, spreads, butter, cooking oil, even avocado mayonnaise. This buttery fruit is the way of the future.

Bare Necessities

Being healthy doesn’t require much effort, in case our keto shopping list for people who don’t cook didn’t make that clear.

In fact the keto diet is a very simple one, it only requires a little math now and then to calculate and recalculate your macros. And for such little effort the payoff is astounding. Ready to go shopping?

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